Swimming pool and gym areas

Dive into our swimming pool, enter the hydromassage tub at thermal temperature for healthy treatment, and let yourself be massaged by our regenerating waterfall. If, on the other hand, you wish to work out, take advantage of our hydro bikes, or use our gym, complete with all the necessary apparatus. Finally, you can enjoy pleasant and relaxing moments as you lie in our relaxation room, maybe with a hot cup of healthy herbal tea.
The price is included in the stay.
Opening Hours: From 08.00 to 20.00

Wellness Centre

The world of wellness, magical and regenerating, where natural elements favour and stimulate relaxation, where all your worries are set aside, allowing your soul to drift gently. The Asson wellness centre wraps you in the energising embrace of chromotherapy, while sounds heralding good health carry out their regenerating function. Then there are various and personalised “water paths”, in which purity and strength join the energy of colour, crossing jets of hot water balanced with green light. A cascade of cold water is powered by red light, and the tropical shower is energised by yellow light. Then just relax in the Roman Thermae, in the sauna or in the steam bath, and then lie down on one of the comfortable “chaises longues”, maybe while sipping a drink with therapeutic properties.
Opening Hours: From 15.30 to 19.00

Beauty Farm

Expert hands will take care of you in our massage area, created in order to give you moments of absolute relaxation. Here you can enjoy some of the numerous beneficial treatments we supply, like choco-therapy (an anti-cellulite massage with hot nut-chocolate oil), alga-therapy (which by means of a seaweed compost relaxes the muscles and stimulates circulation and the metabolism), and wine-therapy, which, by taking advantage of the anti-ageing and moisturising properties of grape extracts, moisturises the skin, helping it to stay young. And let’s not forget the solarium, a warm caress on your skin.