To do and to visit

Even though Don only is a small village, immersed in the silence of the plateau of the upper Val di Non, Don boasts extremely suggestive picturesque views, and some undoubtedly interesting historical and artistic peculiarities, starting from the parish church, dedicated to Santa Brigida. Also worth noticing are some of the seigniorial buildings, like the Simbeni and Endrici homes, the latter being the birth placeof the prince-bishop of Trento, Mons. Celestino Endrici, who held the role of Bishop of Trento from 1904 to 1940. But even around Don there are numerous destinations not to be missed: The sanctuary of San Romedio, near Sanzeno, which can be reached by car or on foot, along the path that leaves from Don; the castles spread out across the valley; the events linked with the historical recollection of past lives and ancient professions; the Lake of Santa Giustina, for sailing and surfing, but also for fishing or relaxing in the sun. Finally, the magical setting of the apple orchards of Val di Non, always different in colours and atmosphere, depending on the passing of the seasons.

…in winter

Just a few kilometres away from Don there are excellent skiing slopes, both for beginners and for experts. Furthermore, at the Passo Mendola, there is a new centre for cross-country skiing, and there are infinite possibilities for off-piste skiing. From the Asson Hotel it is possible to take various paths that lead to the peak of Monte Roen. And for greater safety in all excursions, it is possible to make use of the collaboration of our qualified alpine guides. Among the many events offered in winter in Val di Non, don’t miss the “Ciaspolada”, a competition which takes place with the help of special snow shoes and an event which, by now, is world famous. For those who do not like skiing, it is still possible to enjoy the uniqueness of our winter countryside, by walking through the streets of the towns, to discover the most interesting and picturesque views. … and after a long walk through the forest or after a day of skiing, you can relax in our wellness centre.

…in summer

Summer in Val di Non becomes an opportunity to have fun and relax, both for those who love sports at all levels, and for those who wish to spend their days relaxing. Travelling among the famous apple orchards of Val di Non and among towns with ancient charm, maybe onboard the famous “Vaca Nonesa”, or the Trento-Malé Railway… In Malosco, Amblar, Sarnonico and Cavareno there are highly equipped sports centres, from open-air archery to the new Dolomiti golf course. Don’t miss the Orienteering competitions, which have now acquired importance at a national level. For those who love rock-climbing, in Fondo it is possible to train on rock faces that go from a 4+ level to 8a+. For those who love hiking and mountain-biking, the range of exciting itineraries is endless, including the possibility of going on excursions in the numerous canyons. Even the most difficult paths can be crossed easily by anyone. Anyway, for thrill-seekers, all the paths are graded by difficulty.